Uploading Assignments


1.    Answer each assignment question typed out - Hand written assignment will not be graded.


2.    Save your document as “YOUR NAME” –  "Assignment Name"

E.g. John Dorey – "Anatomy and Physiology Assignment"


3.    You may submit your assignment in one of the following ways:

a.    Via the Moodle e-learning platform by uploading your assignment

b.    Via e-mail to: medicaltraining@sdsaus.com.au


4.    Only submit your assignment once all the questions have been answered.


5.    If you require any assistance with your assignment, please email your questions to: training@sdsaus.com.au


6.    Please take note of your course cut-off date and ensure all assignments are submitted well before this date


7.    Your assignment results will count toward your final grade

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